COLUMBUS, Ohio — Heating, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) announced 64 of its members recently completed the Branch Manager and Sales Manager certification programs.

“The work they’ve put in is commendable,” said Nick Benton, manager of professional development for HARDI. “They have all dedicated a year or more to completing the coursework and bettering themselves in their jobs. A lot has been asked of them in order to advance their expertise.“

The Branch Manager Certification Program consists of an e-learning curriculum customized to each learner’s individual strengths and weaknesses and a multi-day workshop led by Jason Bader, a leading wholesale distribution expert. There were 52 graduates who completed the program this spring.

The Sales Manager Certification Program is led by respected sales management trainer, Joe Ellers. Twelve graduates completed online coursework, attended in-person workshops, and underwent months of coaching with Ellers. By the end of the program, graduates had spent months refining their sales plans and implementing coaching strategies to maximize the effectiveness of their sales teams.

“The monthly conference calls led by Jason Bader were so insightful,” said program graduate George Bayze, branch manager for Geary Pacific Supply. “I’ve been applying what I’ve learned and sharing the valuable knowledge with my team.”

Branch Manager Certification Program graduates include: Dave  Griffith, Behler-Young; Dave  Sarti, Behler-Young; Scott Garwood, Behler-Young; John Santiago, Behler-Young; Jim Sedoskey, Behler-Young; Josh Glodo, Capitol Group; Jason Mitchell, Century AC; Rafael Gaytan, Century AC; Jason Godfrey, cfm Distributors; Aaron Ueckert, Charleston Inc.; Frank Grisi, G.W. Berkheimer; Jill Thrasher, G.W. Berkheimer; Justin Bjankini, G.W. Berkheimer; Jeff Verburg, G.W. Berkheimer; Don Gilson, G.W. Berkheimer; Jovo Latinovich, G.W. Berkheimer; Geoff Ruble, G.W. Berkheimer; Byron Snodgrass, G.W. Berkheimer; Ken Carter, G.W. Berkheimer; Chris Wamsley, G.W. Berkheimer; George Bayze, Geary Pacific; Lindsey Axberg, Geary Pacific; Sean Reynolds, Geary Pacific; Roy Parks, HVAC Sales & Supply; Ross Kious, HVAC Sales & Supply; Angela Furlano, HVAC Supply; Jeff Braden, Johnstone - LV; Roberto Sosa, Johnstone - LV; Rishad Namnakani, Johnstone - LV; Phillip  Tapp, Johnstone - LV; James Bove, Johnstone - NYCT; Dave  Laliberte, Meier Supply; Bill Spengler, Meier Supply; Victor Avila, Munch Supply; Roger Garcia, Munch Supply; Randy Romanelli, Munch Supply; Jim Trevor, Munch Supply; Jeff Smolenski, Munch Supply; Jeremy Willaman, Refrigeration Sales Corp.; Keith Schoolcraft, Refrigeration Sales Corp.; Rich McIntosh, Refrigeration Supplies Distributor; Zachary Boettcher, Refrigeration Supplies Distributor; John Myers, Refrigeration Supplies Distributor; Matt Traynor, Refrigeration Supplies Distributor; Matt McEntire, Refrigeration Supplies Distributor; Chris Haymes, Refrigeration Supplies Distributor; Derek  Butler, Shearer Supply; Darrell Cook, Shearer Supply; Isabel Robinson, Shearer Supply; Dan Paquette, Sid Harvey; Ian McGilvery, Sid Harvey; and Kevin Nelson, Sid Harvey.

Sales Manager Certification Program graduates include: Bryan Martin, Aireco; John Steele, CFM Equipment Distributors; Dean Rafiee, Elcors; John Auerbach, Geary Pacific Supply; Chris Burger, Geary Pacific Supply; Matt Kelley, Geary Pacific Supply; David Radmand, Geary Pacific Supply; Jesse Williamson, Geary Pacific Supply; Greg Goode, M. Cooper Winsupply; Chris Dees, Standard Supply; Chris Reeves, Standard Supply; and Michael Lanners, Yellow Jacket.

HARDI members interested in participating in these programs can contact Nick Benton at