ATLANTA — DiversiTech Corp., a manufacturer and supplier of HVACR parts and accessories, has purchased Quick-Sling LLC, a manufacturer of mounting products for residential, commercial and industrial HVAC equipment. The acquisition provides wholesalers and contractors with greater accessibility to a suite of products that facilitate installation of air handlers and furnaces.

“Quick-Sling and its approach to serving the HVAC community perfectly matches our own,” said DiversiTech CEO Jim Prescott. “Both organizations are driven by providing best-in-class products that can simplify and add profitability to both the wholesaler and contractor.”

Quick-Sling Founder and CEO Bill Crowley said, “DiversiTech’s reputation and distribution advantages will enable Quick-Sling products to reach a wider range of wholesale customers and contractors, which can provide multiple advantages, not the least of which is to help them grow their businesses.” 

Founded in 2011, Quick-Sling has revolutionized the way furnaces, air conditioning units and air handlers are installed, the company reports. In the past, contractors needed to assemble 12 separate materials to create a functional and safe mounting system to support equipment. Quick-Sling eliminates that time-consuming and costly need. All Quick-Sling products come 80 percent already assembled. 

Quick-Sling’s full suite of products spans seven product lines: Quick-Slings, Quick-Stands, Mini-Split Stands, Quick-Swivels, Wall-Brackets, Boiler Brackets and Super Stands. Quick-Sling also offers a wide array of accessory products. 

Distributors and contractors wanting more information can contact their local DiversiTech manufacturer representative or visit