MagVent delivers a convenient and efficient dryer venting solution that simplifies the traditional mess of flexible transition duct. Its low-profile design is a perfect fit for the cramped area behind most dryers. By creating a safer, more energy-efficient, less bulky vent path, MagVent has eliminated the uncertainty in dryer installations, providing a dryer vent solution the customer can feel good about.

MagVent provides three different magnetically aligning dryer vent models that accommodate a variety of dryer venting needs. The MV-180 is the self-aligning dryer vent for a straight vent path. The MV-90 is the self-aligning dryer vent for a 90 degree vent path. Finally, the versatile MV-Flex is designed to accommodate venting in any direction. MagVent provides a convenient, minimum-path duct that resists crushing and obstruction and allows the dryer to operate at optimum efficiency, saving energy. This saves you money while helping to conserve the environment and energy resources.