Larson Electronics LLC has introduced a five-stage, fold-over light mast that can deploy 144 watts of illumination up to 12 feet. The light tower features a removable mast head for storage with a 360-degree rotating boom and two LEDs for intense illumination. The five-stage mast is suitable for temporary lighting, construction sites, and security camera deployment.

The LM-12-4.5-5S-FM-2X24ET-LV is a telescoping five-stage light mast that allows the quick and safe deployment of 125 pounds of equipment up to 12 feet high collapsed to 4.5 feet. The tower is built with steel square tubing coated with a corrosion-resistant finish. A 360-degree telescoping mast is elevated to its upright position with the press of a button. To extend the mast vertically, a 1,000-pound winch with 3/16-inch galvanized cable is used for quick deployment of electrical equipment. A mounting plate provides a stable platform for light fixtures and equipment, and a mast guidance system helps the unit withstand winds up to 125 mph.

The LM-12-4.5-5S-FM-2X24ET-LV comes with two LEDs, which produce 8,640 lumens with a 144-watt draw. In addition, the LEDs are constructed of aluminum with a polycarbonate lens that is resistant to shocks and vibration. The IP68-rated LEDs can withstand rapid temperature changes of 40°-85°C; are waterproof to 3 meters; and resistant to dirt, dust, and humidity.

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