Cranston, R.I. – In order to diversify and facilitate entry into new industries and market channels, Taco®, Inc. has completed a major structural reorganization which starts with a change of name: Taco, Inc. is now Taco Comfort Solutions, a Taco Group Company.

The new name reflects Taco’s long experience and commitment to provide optimal indoor comfort while pursuing the highest efficiency in products that save energy and resources.

Under the privately-held company’s new organizational structure, Taco Comfort Solutions is a part of the Taco Group. Other worldwide elements of the Taco Group include Hydroflo Pumps/Fluid Solutions of Fairview, Tennessee; Askoll/Taco Flow Solutions™ of Sandrigo, Italy; and Taco Trading/Supply Chain Solutions Ltd. of Kowloon, Hong Kong..

The Taco Group includes operations and sales offices in the U.S, Canada, Panama, Italy, Dubai, South Korea, China, and Vietnam, making Taco a truly global brand. 

The Taco Group’s biggest move to date is its recently completed acquisition of Italian pump manufacturer Askoll®’s indoor heating pump company. Now called Taco Italia SrL and using the trade name Askoll/Taco Flow Solutions, Taco is now a new player in the European hydronics market.

Askoll’s patented ECM technology has already been employed in Taco’s newly introduced 00e Series high-efficiency circulator line. 00e pumps and circulators use up to 85 percent less electricity than standard models and are ideal for use in systems zoned with circulators or zone valves.

In addition to expanding its core business in heating and cooling through its acquisition of Askoll’s indoor heating business and entry into the European HVAC market, Taco Comfort Solutions intends to pursue growth and diversification through additional new partnerships and acquisitions, and to diversify by branching out into vertical markets and channels, both in HVAC and non-HVAC.

One such non-HVAC but closely related market is plumbing. Taco has developed smart plumbing products that conserve water and provide instant hot water. Drought in the western U.S. has opened up new markets for these products based on the pressing need to save water.

Totally separate from HVAC and plumbing, its Hydroflo Pumps/Fluid Solutions company manufactures pumps used in such industries as irrigation and agriculture. Hydroflo, headquartered in Tennessee, has assembly operations in Indiana, Arkansas, Texas, and California, and a sales/distribution office in Panama City, Panama.    

Taco’s 96-year history reflects continual product advancements in controlling the flow of water in hydronic-based systems. As a solutions provider, Taco has developed a broad portfolio of electronic controls, valves, tanks, pumps, heat exchangers, high-efficiency variable speed drives, ECM circulators, and a wide array of ancillary product and accessories. Taco’s full suite of products provide efficient system flow control ranging from single family residential to large-scale commercial HVAC and plumbing applications and deliver high-efficiency, lower first costs, longer operational life, sustainability, and energy conservation.

“This is dynamic and exciting time for Taco,” said John Hazen White Jr., owner and chairman, Taco. “We are taking these actions from a position of strength and confidence to ensure Taco’s continuing success. As we do so, we will remain ever faithful and committed to the people and the core values that together have made Taco a great company. As Taco approaches its100th anniversary in business, we are no longer an American company based in Rhode Island, but a global company based in the U.S.”