COLUMBUS, Ohio — Heating, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) recently launched its newest initiative, the Proven Vendor Program. The program is designed to provide HARDI members with a peer-reviewed listing of HARDI Service Vendors that have established track records of good business with other HARDI members.

Service Vendors are HARDI members that provide professional services, such as consultation, software, and other business solutions to other HARDI members.

Each proven vendor gets a listing within a members-only section of The listing provides a brief description of the company’s services, a member reference, and a description of any special offers available to HARDI members.

“The key to the program is the member reference,” said Chris DeBoer, marketing manger, HARDI. “The only way to get that is by providing a positive experience for your customers. People can trust it because nobody can buy their way in; they have to earn it.”

HARDI’s Service Vendor members are able to take part in the program at no charge and simply need to provide a brief description of their business, a HARDI wholesaler or manufacturer member reference, and a listing of any special offers for HARDI members.

The new program currently has 12 companies. For more information, contact HARDI Marketing Manager Chris DeBoer (