OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. —Wilspec Technologies, Inc., a manufacturer of HVAC and refrigeration components, celebrates its 15th anniversary this month.

“We started Wilspec Technologies 15 years ago with the mind-set that we could create a successful company building premium components, nurturing a culture of collaboration and innovation and introducing our customers to a new standard of service and support,” said Larry Wilhelm, founder and CEO. “This remains a cornerstone today, as we manufacture highly reliable and safe products that bring value, create long-term affordability, and enable our customers to optimize their applications and their operations.”

The company has enjoyed consistent annual growth, developing a global footprint that includes operations in Asia, Europe and the Americas but without sacrificing the core values that launched its success 15 years ago.  These values include a commitment to innovative engineering, logistics and customer support; and a willingness to explore and develop unique solutions in partnership with customer needs. 

“The 15-year anniversary marks an important milestone for Wilspec, as we look back on our incredible heritage of accomplishment,” said Wilhelm.  “We are thankful to our customers and employees for their loyalty and dedication to Wilspec; of the unique culture we have developed and our constant commitment to achieving excellence.  I know the best is still yet to come.”

 For more information, go to www.wilspec.com