COLUMBUS, Ohio — Heating, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) announced it has expanded its catalog of online education courses to include 4,000 courses. Previously, the online catalog only contained 1,000 courses.

“This expansion means several great things for our members,” said Emily Saving, vice president of professional and program development for HARDI. “These new courses will allow us to continue developing additional certification programs and allow for more powerful customized curricula for our members’ employee development programs.”

HARDI already offers three position-specific certification programs. Quadrupling the course catalog will enable HARDI to more fully serve its members’ education needs by creating additional learning and certification opportunities.

“This robust library will allow far more flexibility in designing programs tailored to our members’ specific needs,” said Nick Benton, HARDI education specialist. “In our Branch Manager Certification Program, for instance, each manager takes an assessment when they enter the program. Based on each manager’s results, we create a custom learning program to focus on their specific areas of need. With this larger library, we can make the programs far more customized.”

The courses are now part of HARDI’s HEAT.U platform. Members already enrolled in HARDI’s education programs will continue to have access to their current learning library for the remainder of their agreement.