St. Louis  — Frigidaire heating and cooling created a handy infographic to help homeowners understand their air conditioning system. The graphic, along with an explanation of how an air conditioner works, is located on the Frigidaire HVAC consumer website. (

According to data from Decision Analyst in the 2012 American Home Comfort Study, an air conditioner purchase happens only once every 17 years on average. Therefore, most homeowners are uneducated about air conditioning systems. The Frigidaire infographic helps homeowners understand the basic information so that they are better prepared to meet with their HVAC contractor, and more knowledgeable about the benefits of higher-end systems.

Frigidaire encourages everyone affiliated with the HVAC industry to share the infographic by printing or posting it on their websites or social media accounts. To learn more about Frigidaire heating and cooling  products, contractors and distributors should visit

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