MINNEAPOLIS —Daikin Applied is installing an Intel-based intelligent gateway solution in its existing Rebel rooftop units. According to the manufacturer, with the Intel-based intelligent gateway solution, Daikin Applied is able to seamlessly connect Rebel units to the cloud and securely aggregate, filter, and share data. This would allow Daikin Applied to help people proactively manage the performance of their buildings and makes them aware of HVAC issues before they happen.
With the combination of Daikin Applied and Intel technology, building owners will have access to maintenance and operations intelligence that Daikin Applied anticipates will transform the industry’s expectations of what sustainability and performance look like in commercial buildings.

At the maintenance level, the solution will predict faults such as fan or motor failures and will alert users when filters need to be changed based on usage not time. At the operations level, the system can sync with the weather forecast to adjust for changing climates before it happens. It can provide access and insights into a building’s Energy Star Ratings as well as comparable buildings in its area. It will provide users with financial summaries of their energy savings and equipment payback; measure and automatically adjust for building comfort based on building users profiles; and give users direct access to its level of power usage as well as its CO2 use to provide a more accurate view of the carbon footprint. This move by Daikin Applied is considered by the company an entrance into the Internet of Things (IoT) arena.

For more information, visit www.daikinapplied.com.