Tappan has begun including a Micro-Channel condensing coil in the 14/15-SEER FT4BE heat pump. In addition to the FT4BE heat pump, Tappan also offers a range of air conditioners through 16 SEER that already include Micro-Channel coils. According to the company, the Micro-Channel upgrade makes the coils more resistant to damage and they use 42 percent less refrigerant than other coils.Micro-Channel Condensing Coil

 The unit operates with R-410A refrigerant and has swept-wing fan blades to help reduce noise. It is constructed of galvanized steel with a polyester urethane finish. The 950-hour salt spray finish is 1.5 mil thick and is corrosion resistant. Select sizes and matches meet Energy Star requirements for efficiency. According to the company, the unit gets up to a 1 SEER boost when paired with a variable-speed indoor air handler or one of Tappan’s iSEET gas furnaces. It is factory checked 144 times before being shipped.

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