The ecobee Smart Si thermostat, designed for the residential market, offers remote connectivity from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. The ecobee Smart Si thermostat

 The thermostat has an easy-to-read, high-resolution color display, sleek buttons, and intuitive user interface. According to the company, end users can easily set their personalized heating and cooling program, make setting adjustments, and create vacation events. Ecobee’s smart technology works behind the scenes to automatically optimize for energy efficiency using advanced algorithms that incorporate local weather and home energy performance. The company reports that end users save an average of 24 percent on heating and 22 percent on cooling annually with the Smart Si as compared to leaving the thermostat on hold at 72°F.

Ecobee’s Smart Thermostats line leverages a direct connection to customers’ homes to help contractors build their service business. Contractors are able to send company promotions and service reminders directly to their customers’ thermostats. They also have the option to monitor and troubleshoot HVAC equipment remotely to service their customers more efficiently.

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