Trane’s Series S™ CenTraVac™ chiller (Series S chiller) is a centrifugal chiller. According to the company the unit delivers best-in-class full-load and part-load efficiencies for centrifugal chillers in the 180-390 tonnage range.


At the core of the Series S chiller’s performance is AdaptiSpeed™ technology. This technology is the integration of an all-new direct-drive compressor utilizing the mixed-flow impellers and optimized specific speed; permanent magnet motor; and the third generation Trane Adaptive Frequency™ drive (AFD3). The AFD3 is a fully integrated variable-speed drive that works with the permanent magnet motor and Tracer AdaptiView™ unit controller to continuously optimize chiller efficiency through compressor speed and guide vane position.

The Series S chiller fits through standard commercial double doors and utilizes a bolt-together design that allows the chiller to be disassembled in the field when access to the mechanical room is tighter. The balanced impeller configuration allows for near-zero thrust loads on the compressor’s hybrid ceramic bearings.

Trane | eProduct 183