GeoStar’s Aston Series has been updated and now features Aurora controls. These controls provide two-way communication with components to assist with performance and troubleshooting. Aurora communication offers instantaneous, monthly, or 13-month historical energy monitoring capability at the thermostat as well.


The Aston Series is a packaged geothermal heat pump that provides forced air heating, air conditioning, and generates a portion of a home’s hot water from a single unit. Available in nine single-speed and five dual capacity sizes from 1 to 6 tons, the system achieves an EER of 30 and a 4.8 COP. The units feature Copeland Scroll™ compressors that are mounted on double isolation plates. Dual capacity units include Scroll UltraTech™ compressors for added efficiency. A variable speed electronically commutated blower motor helps enhance system efficiency, running only at the speed required. Other choices include a standard permanent split capacitor (PSC) or high efficiency 5-speed blower motor.

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