Reported steady growth at Meier Supply is prompting facility changes. What is the company doing to compensate and expand?

CONKLIN, N.Y. -Steady growth has led to relocation and expansion for the executive offices and primary distribution center of Meier Supply Co. Inc. The new facility, located at 275 Broome Corporate Parkway, Conklin, N.Y., is 90,000 square feet, has 21 loading docks, and is located on 15 acres of land. According to the company, this extra land will allow for future expansion needs as well.

“We looked at our options for once again expanding the Brown Street site, but space was limited and didn’t allow any room for future growth,” said Frank A. Meier Jr., president and CEO of Meier Supply. “Our new location is much larger and allows us to serve the needs of our customers more efficiently, while providing us with the space we need for the future.”

An expansion is also underway at Meier Supply’s Rochester, N.Y., location. The expansion will increase the warehouse space from 18,000 to 24,000 square feet; a total of 6,000 square feet.

The company’s most recent prior expansion was completed in 2008 and added 10,000 square feet to their main distribution center in Johnson City, N.Y., increasing its size to 46,000 square feet. That same year, Meier Supply expanded warehouse space at its Syracuse branch and added a location in Hanover, Penn., that included 11,000 square feet of warehouse/distribution center capacity.

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