Editor’s note: The following remarks were made regarding the editorial “Do-It-Yourself HVAC Has Outdone Itself This Time,” written by Kyle Gargaro, editorial director of The NEWS, published June 11:



I read with interest your article in the June 11 issue of The NEWS concerning the Houston TV station recommending homeowners replace a capacitor by themselves. I am ashamed of our industry and what it has become.

Amazon has all OEM parts online for the consumers, and we have allowed direct marketing of products to the consumer. They bypass the distributor and the contractor and sell direct to the consumer with the HVAC contractor left dealing with the choice as to how to install or work with these requests.

The news reporter is not my concern. I felt compelled to directly write the state licensing board on the license holder who did this. I do not feel that this is an acceptable presentation from a person holding a state air conditioning contractor’s license. I feel that the attack by ACCA and TACCA and everyone should be directed at the license holder. If the state doesn’t see this as alarming, then maybe his liability insurance policy holder would like to be aware of this, too. How about Channel 2’s liability for production of such a broadcast? How about the state of Texas for saying this is OK?

I won’t get into all the details that have not been discussed on the false technical information that was given in the report and all the other factors that can cause a person to get shocked by a “loaded” capacitor.

We are talking about a life and safety issue here, in addition to an awful idea of a report from Channel 2 News.

Shawn Schulze,
Martin Schulze Air Conditioning
& Heating LLC
Richmond, Texas

Editor’s note: The following remarks were made regarding the editorial “Tariffs Likely to Hurt HVAC Consumers,” written by Joanna Turpin, senior editor of The NEWS, published May 7:



I read your article about steel tariffs in The ACHR NEWS. I respectfully disagree with your basic thought. I understand that in the short term, this is going to hurt consumers; however, in the long run, with more steel and aluminum companies back up and running, it will help American consumers. Not only will prices drop eventually, but more Americans will go back to work with better paying jobs instead of minimum wage jobs. This will be a short-term stock market pick up in the long-term stock market game for America. I have worked in the HVAC industry for 40-plus years. I work in distribution selling to the contractors. I think we will all be OK.

Tom Sipes,
Equipment Territory manager
Koch Air LLC

Editor’s note: The following remarks were made regarding the article “Poaching Technicians: Immoral or Necessary in Today’s Job market,” written by Nicole Krawcke, business management editor of The NEWS, published June 25:



I have strong feelings regarding the topic of poaching employees in our industry. I’m not sure if it is immoral, but it is certainly unethical. Someone has sanitized the activity by using the word “poaching,” but it is nothing less than theft of another’s assets. Why do some contractors do this? Because it’s easy. We should not forget that we invest in our talent with training, often at great expense of lost revenue, travel, and tuition, sending techs to get qualified on specialized systems. We lose that investment, along with the manpower, when a tech leaves. I wonder how many of the poachers are working with their trade association, state labor board, and elected officials to find ways to incentivize new entrants into HVAC. The old timer retirees may have bad knees or a sore back but retain their years of knowledge. Put them in a truck with an apprentice. Make your own business a school, an incubator. Get creative. Solve the problem and quit the “work-around.” There’s a better way than stealing.

Frank Bartol


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Publication date: 7/9/2018

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