Editor’s Note: The following remarks were made on The NEWS’group,The NEWSNetwork, on LinkedIn, about technicians and North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification.

Certification and Background Checks

NATE certification is required and also a Texas technician card. These are both good tools as they require a background check. Texas will not issue a card if there is a theft crime or a sex crime.

Richard Whitaker
Whits Commercial Services LLC
San Antonio, Texas, area

Certification Has Reduced Callbacks

All our techs are NATE-certified within six months of employment. I feel this has been very beneficial — recalls were reduced. All the techs are proud of their certs! Most all have been retested, no issues.

I don’t see any downside for the company.

I’m hoping consumer awareness will be raised in the near future, making NATE more valuable!

Dave Hutchins
Bay Area A/C
Ocala, Fla., area

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Publication date: 7/9/2012