Company: Navac Inc.   

Product: BotaniVac

Description: This line of industrial vacuum pumps, recovery units, and refrigerant scales is suited to the manufacturing needs in the fast-growing cannabis industry. This vacuum solution includes a complete line of two-stage, oil-sealed rotary vane pumps that range in flowrate from 4 to 65 m3/h. The industrial pumps are the same designs used in analytical instruments and semi-conductors, as well as the chemical, vacuum coatings, medical equipment (plasma sterilizers), and power industries. The pumps use high-quality mineral oil, have an adjustable gas ballast, and an anti-suck-back design that protects products from oil contamination in the event of an unexpected shutdown. The twin-cylinder refrigerant recovery unit features easy-to-use one-key operation and an oil-free compressor suitable for all common refrigerants. The unit also has a self-purge function to prevent refrigerant mixing, as well as built-in protection against high pressure for added safety.

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