CENTERVILLE, Ohio — Aeroseal LLC launched a new program that guarantees contractors will meet standard building code requirements for duct sealing the first time, every time, or it’s free.

“As new residential building codes get tighter, passing inspection is becoming increasingly difficult and causing additional labor hours for contractors at a time when everyone is struggling with an industrywide labor shortage,” said Bryan Barnes, vice president of business development, Aeroseal. “At the same time, Aeroseal dealers are getting projects completed faster, so they can actually perform more work with fewer labor resources. We are so confident in this new approach to duct sealing that we can guarantee our dealers that they will meet expected code requirements for duct tightness the very first time — and ultimately at a lower cost as well.”

First used for sealing ductwork in existing homes, aerosol duct sealing is proving to be ideal for new residential construction as well.

“It’s often difficult to change the way we do things simply because of what we are used to,” said Barnes. “But when a much better solution comes along, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes the new standard.

“The new Meet Code the First Time Guarantee program is designed to make that transition as easy as possible,” he added. “Imagine being able to complete more projects, with less manpower, and to be able to provide additional benefits to the builder and ultimately the homeowner.”

Publication date: 6/18/2018

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