Company: NAVAC Inc.

Product: NRC62i

Description: This smart charging unit offers automatic operation for intuitive, consistent system evacuation and refrigerant filling. Its powerful twin-cylinder vacuum pump rapidly and reliably evacuates an HVAC system to the vacuum level calculated by the machine’s algorithm, with progress displayed digitally via a monitor and wireless scale. Upon reaching the calculated vacuum level, the unit automatically conducts dry operation and leak detection and commences the charging function per predetermined parameters. The unit shuts itself down once charging is complete. It offers high ultimate vacuum down to 15 microns and is accurate to 0.05 percent. Real-time status displays and warnings serve to inform and reassure technicians as the machine automatically performs this once onerous task. In manual mode, it can be used as a stand-alone vacuum pump or as a digital manifold gauge, and its wireless scale can also be used separately as a stand-alone device.

Contact: 201-939-6699;;

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