Charging ScaleAdded to the Compute-A-Charge® brand is a wireless RF scale. With accuracy of 0.05 percent of reading, it is calibrated to strict NIST Standards at the factory. Compatible with high pressure R-410A, the unit is temperature-compensated over the entire operating temperature range to maintain charging accuracy under all ambient conditions. Advanced communication software ensures uninterrupted connectivity between the hand-held display unit and scale platform. Readout measurements can be shown in metric or Imperial. The working load capacity is 240 pounds (110kg). It is designed to withstand overloads of 150 percent. Features include High contrast wide angle LCD for ease of viewing, magnetic back on handheld unit, and hanging hook. The charging scale is powered by four AA alkaline batteries (scale platform) and one 9-V alkaline battery (display unit); it has a user-selectable automatic power off to conserve batteries.

CPS Products Inc.

eProduct 184