CHICAGO — During a press conference at the 2018 AHR Expo, Doug Murdock, president and CEO, Tecumseh Products Co. LLC, said the company, both at the show and in the coming year, will continue to launch and innovate with products customers want.

Terry Nares, vice president of North American sales and marketing, furthered that customer-driven focus by saying Tecumseh wants to re-energize itself around customer service.

The Tecumseh team in Chicago quickly backed up that statement by showcasing several new products and a smart platform that it hopes will be a game changer for the HVAC industry.

“We are working globally to improve hand-in-hand with our innovation concepts and create value-added systems,” said Murdock.


At the expo, Tecumseh’s energy was focused on the IntelliCool technology platform. Per the company, the platform encompasses the latest product innovations and initiatives in variable capacity cooling, intelligent control, energy management, and heat transfer to provide commercial refrigeration systems that are compact, quiet, and deliver superior performance.

Robert Terry, director, global product management, Tecumseh, said that inside IntelliCool is a way to deliver dynamic variable capacity cooling, smart lighting control, adaptive defrosting, ECO mode, and a host of other features.

Some of those other features include electronic protection, onboard diagnostics, and remote communications. All of this provides technicians with the information needed to ensure refrigerated cases are operating at peak performance and with the highest level of reliability.

“IntelliCool is about putting a platform together to look toward the future,” said Terry. “Not only our latest innovations in variable speed, which are on display now, but also initiatives related to case controllers and ways to improve performance within systems for our customers — IntelliCool is about encompassing all those kinds of initiatives in performance, heat transfer, and variable speed and to bring all that together.”

Throughout 2018, Tecumseh will begin applying various elements of the IntelliCool technology platform to its line of commercial refrigeration compressors, condensing units, and value-added systems.

“It’s been quite successful so far,” said Terry. “We have big plans for IntelliCool. Continued use in variable speed, but as we move that technology into condensing units and complete refrigeration systems, it just drives the future for our energy and eco-friendly tech products.”


Aside from IntelliCool, Tecumseh also presented its VAE Series Variable Speed compressor, which complements the VTC Series and extends its line of variable-speed commercial refrigeration compressors to a capacity of 7,300 Btuh.

Using variable-speed technology, the VAE reduces overall energy consumption by dynamically matching the capacity of the compressor to the cabinet’s cooling demand.

With a capacity range from 1,000-7,300 Btus per hour, the VAE Series is optimized for use with the eco-friendly hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerant R-290 (Propane).

“We have updated our product lineup in variable speed up from the small fractionals through about 1.5 hp,” said Bill Merritt, vice president, global sales and marketing. “We have redone our rotary product, and our variable speed technology up through those models. Now, going forward over the next year and a half, we will be finishing up to 10 hp product. Within three to four years, we will have updated our entire product line for both compressors and value-added business with all this new technology.”

Merritt added that most of what Tecumseh had on the AHR Expo show floor was new product released within the last two years.

“As far as what is drawing the most attraction on the show floor, I think people always like the systems — they like to look at condensing units,” he said.

The other big showcase item was the Masterflux line of ATLAS and MESA Mini and Micro Rotary compressors. The rugged, yet compact and lightweight design makes them suited for mobile and transport cooling applications, according to Tecumseh. ATLAS mini-rotary and MESA micro-rotary compressors are optimized for use with refrigerant R-134a and handle capacities from 1,800–6,000 Btuh (527–1,756 W) and 220–1,900 Btuh (64-556 W) respectively.

ATLAS compressor models are designed to run on a 24 VDC power supply, and MESA compressor models are available for 24 VDC, 48 VDC, and 220 VAC power supplies.

Looking big picture at the products on display at the show and the overall concentration for Tecumseh, Murdock said the focus over the last few years has been on preparing for new levels of compliance when it comes to efficiency and having the right refrigerant for the right application.

“We want to continue to try to be a leader in those two areas,” he added.  

Publication date: 2/26/2018