Supco's SK3W Series three-wire hard starts were designed to provide an option to OEM hard starts.
CHICAGO — Sealed Unit Parts Co. (Supco) debuted several new products at the 2003 Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo). The company’s various product lines apply to a wide market segment, including a full line of digital test instruments, A/C and heating V-belts, hot surface igniters, wall thermostats, and three-wire hard starts.

In digital test instruments, Supco featured a low-cost carbon monoxide meter (CO1000); a multi-tasking open-clamp, current probe and DMM (CPO70); and a low-temperature infrared laser guided thermometer (LIT8LT).

The company also announced a master distributor agreement with Jason Industries, adding its line of “Multi-Plus” V-belts for air conditioning and heating applications.

Among its hot surface igniter product line was its SIG1000 universal hot surface igniter. The company said it is designed to replace more than 70 original part numbers from manufacturers, including Carrier, Norton, Rheem, and Robert Shaw. The SIG1000 offers easy installation and minimizes inventory, the company said.

Meanwhile, a recent master distributor agreement with Climate Technology Corp. (CTC) has allowed Supco to offer mechanical and digital wall thermostats, available in programmable and nonprogrammable styles.

Last but not least, Supco introduced what it called “the final piece to its hard start puzzle”: its new SK3W Series three-wire hard starts.

The company said they “provide the professional an OEM option when the application calls for a hard start.” With its existing two-wire PTC and electronic potential relay (EPR)-style hard starts, the company said “the SK3W Series completes the picture.”

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Publication date: 03/03/2003