ATLANTIC CITY, NJ — There’s no doubt that the International Exposition will be a good show. With more than 1,000 exhibitors showcasing their products, contractors will get an eyeful of the latest and greatest technologies.

Highlighted here are some of the newer products that will be shown at the AHR Expo. Even if you can’t attend the show this year, read through this year’s product highlights. You will probably find something that can make your job a little more profitable.

AirPac Inc., Booth 3985

Coolit3300 Portable Air Conditioner The new AirPac Coolit3300 portable air conditioner is a solution for primary, temporary, supplemental, and emergency cooling of computer centers, network equipment rooms, schools, hospitals, laboratories, government buildings, retail spaces, high-rise buildings, and historical structures. The compact, self-contained unit has a small footprint (36-in. W by 24-in. D by 54-in. H), making it easy to transport, store, and install. Installation is minimal. The unit comes complete with AirPac’s exclusive flange/clamp and integral retractable/expandable warm-air discharge kit with ceiling panel to fit any 24-in.-wide ceiling panel opening. With the integral duct system there is no need to attach ducting to the unit, simplifying the installation process.

eProduct #61

Ares, a Division of Mars Air Systems, Booth 2128

Direct-Fired Makeup Air Unit 900 The new Ares Mercury direct-fired unit is “a true makeup air unit designed for the 21st century,” says the company. The unit offers a cascaded burner, hot-surface ignition, cleaner emissions than traditional equipment, and safety controls with LED status lights, the company says. The temperature control is capable in some units of a turndown in excess of 102:1. The unit can operate individually or be connected to an energy management system for monitoring and adjustments to meet temperature control demands.

eProduct #62

Bradford White, Booth 2513

Power Direct-Vent Water Heaters The new residential power direct-vent and commercial light-duty power direct-vent water heaters can be installed in areas where makeup air is limited, such as a bedroom, bathroom, or occupied room that’s normally kept closed. These power direct-vent models feature a blower assembly that accepts two separate and individual sections of PVC, ABS, or CPVC pipes, allowing the introduction of combustion air and exhausting the products of combustion. The models are also designed to reduce heat loss, as they do not use heated air from living spaces to support combustion.

eProduct #63

Brasscraft, Booth 2113

ProCoat Stainless Steel Gas Connector ProCoat is a proprietary polymer coating engineered to resist corrosion caused by harsh environmental influences, including UV rays, sea salt, and chemicals found in common home-care, plumbing, and building products. ProCoat is 100% leak tested, says the company. Deep corrugations enhance flexibility, making installation easier, it says. Design certified for indoor/outdoor use.

eProduct #64

Safety+Plus Gas Shut-Off Fittings

Safety+Plus is a patented, advanced, yet affordable automatic residential gas safety shutoff system relying on magnet-based technology, says the company. In the event of a major gas connector leak, the magnet-based device is designed to shut off the gas supply to the appliance, similar to a circuit breaker. The gas shuts down only at the appliance where the problem exists; the rest of the gas system will continue to function as normal. When the gas problem is fixed, the fitting automatically resets itself, resuming appliance performance and protection.

eProduct #65

Danfoss Inc., Booth 2930

MCIC Soft Starter for Compressors and Electric Motors Type MCIC soft starter for compressors and electric motors in the hvacr industry are UL approved for any control voltage from 24 to 480 vac or vdc, and automatically adapt to 50 or 60 Hz, says the company. There are versions for 30- and 15-A applications. Both feature automatic detection of phase failure and have LED status indicators. No adjustments are necessary because the soft-start profile is factory preset for optimum performance, it says. MCIC starters are approved for use with Performer® scroll compressors and with Danfoss Maneurop reciprocating compressors. Other compressor manufacturers are currently testing the starters.

eProduct #66

Eliminator Solid-Core Filter-Drier

Improved Eliminator® solid-core filter-driers come with one of two cores. The type DM core is 100% molecular sieve, and is optimized for HFC refrigerants including R-410A, used with polyolester (POE) and polyalkylene glycol (PAG) lubricants, says the company. The type DC composite core is 80% molecular sieve with 20% activated alumina, a blend for HCFC and CFC refrigerants using mineral and alkylbenzene oils. Solid cores allow installation in any orientation, it says. These driers are UL approved for MWP up to 610 psig, and are designed to withstand more than 300,000 pulsations from 70 to 600 psig. Sizes range from 3 to 75 cu in. In addition to solid copper, models with standard flare sizes and O-ring face seal connections are available.

eProduct #67

Easco Boiler Corp., Booth 2747

New Series SM5 Boiler The Series SM5 is a three-pass firetube boiler in a durable firebox configuration. Designed in a range of sizes from 20 to 150 bhp, all are designed to allow “through-the-door” installation without the time and expense of building demolition necessary with other comparable firebox boilers, says the company. The Series SM5 is planned to be in production and fully available in the spring of 2002. Featuring the low-maintenance reliability of its wet-back design, the new Series SM5 not only fits through a standard 36-in. doorway, it also fits comfortably in fast-track replacement project budgets.

eProduct #68

EWC Controls, Booth 2835

Ultra-Zone and Autoflo EWC Controls will feature its new residential steam humidifier, along with the new NCM-300 zone control panel for forced-air systems. The company says its steam humidifier is the first to feature a computer “watchdog” to ensure accuracy of operation. An anode acts as a magnet to attract calcium build-up and mineral deposits to create a low-maintenance unit. The NCM-300 is EWC’s new two- or three-zone control panel that includes a supply air sensor for equipment protection.

eProduct #69

Fenwal, Booth 2860

Gas Ignition Control A new, fully integrated, direct-spark gas ignition control for commercial rooftop and unit heaters helps save space inside equipment and simplifies installation, says the company. The Fenwal 35-80 Series direct-spark ignition control provides 0.2-sec timing accuracy, sparks 60 times/sec, and stops when it senses a flame, it says. It combines a range of features onto a single PC board, including local or remote flame sensing and field-adjustable fan-off delay. This control is designed to eliminate discrete components and related wiring.

eProduct #70

FieldCentrix, Booth 5120

FieldCentrix Enterprise 3.0 Software The company says its FieldCentrix Enterprise Version 3.0 is “the most significant release since the product was introduced in the fall of 1998.” This version provides new functionality that improves the way call takers, schedulers, dispatchers, and techs in the field perform their jobs. The software uses wireless communications, handheld computers, advanced software, and the Internet to automate the costly, time-consuming, paper-intensive processes associated with field service operations, it says. These processes include communication between the field technician and the office, receipt of work assignments, and completion of work orders.

eProduct #71

Fieldpiece Instruments, Booth 1961

Model AMN2 Manometer Accessory Head Fieldpiece Instruments is introducing the Model AMN2 manometer accessory head. It has the ranges to measure gas pressure and the resolution needed to measure static pressure, says the company. Originally designed as a gas pressure measuring instrument, the performance of the AMN2 turned out to be so good, it also can be used as a static pressure measuring instrument, says the company. In fact, in the static pressure mode, the unit can measure up to 2 in. wc with resolution to 0.010 in. wc. This allows service technicians to measure gas pressure and static pressure with one instrument.

eProduct #72

FieldServer Technologies, Booth 4572

Model FS-B2011 LonWorks Bridge Interoperability is key to safety and facility management today. Users and integrators need to enable diverse devices to share information to maintain an efficient, effective building control system. The company says its new Model FS-B2011 LonWorks Bridge is a protocol translator gateway that enables devices using foreign protocols to communicate with the LonWorks network. The FS-Bridge provides the hardware and software necessary for translation.

eProduct #73

Fujitsu General America, Booth 3131

Ceiling Cassette Models Fujitsu is introducing its ceiling cassette models. The first recessed models to arrive will be 18,000- and 24,000-Btu editions; both models will come as heat pumps. Each will have a hard-wired controller and a built-in condensate pump. These units will arrive just in time for AHR 2002.

eProduct #74

Gordon-Piatt Burners/John Zink Co., LLC, Booth 3000

Gordon-Piatt Burners The Gordon-Piatt Z-Burner™ and Gordon-Piatt V-Burner™ for industrial, commercial, and institutional boiler applications will be showcased. The company says it Z-Burner sets a new standard in efficiency, achieving low emission levels without flue gas recirculation (FGR). The Z-Burner produces 20-ppm NOx at 3% O2 without FGR and may be used in watertube, firetube, and cast iron boilers, it says. Other benefits include low energy consumption; a wide operating envelope; easy installation, start-up, and maintenance; and stability and emissions performance over variable operating conditions, it says. A limited range of sizes is currently in production with a full rollout over the next several months.

eProduct #75

Grundfos Pumps Corp., Booth 3669

Instant Hot Water System Grundfos will introduce the “Comfort Series Instant Hot Water System,” a retrofitted hot water recirculation (HWR) system, designed to provide instant hot water and significant water savings to owners of existing homes. The company says this is the only “under-the-sink” HWR product that requires a single pump installed at the water heater and doesn’t require a return line, instead circulating the hot water back through the cold water line after use.

eProduct #76

Heatcraft Inc., Booth 3241

Modular Auxiliary Removable Coil Heatcraft says it is proud to introduce the Modular Auxiliary Removable Coil, otherwise known as M.A.R.C. The M.A.R.C. holds any of the coil types Heatcraft manufactures. The case is built of galvanized steel, includes a stainless steel drain pan, and is fully insulated. All seams are sealed with silicone and weather-stripping to ensure a leak-free case, the manufacturer says. What makes M.A.R.C. different from any other cased coil unit is the ability to remove the coil through an access panel, says the company.

eProduct #77

Heat Pipe Technology, Booth 4158

BKPool Series Pool Dehumidifiers Heat Pipe Technology believes its new BKPool Series is a “technology breakthrough in pool dehumidifiers.” Features include a 100% stainless steel cabinet, and energy-saving Dinh™ dehumidifier heat pipes, it says. The BKPool Series is protected by a new proprietary, corrosion-inhibiting coating. Using a newly developed chemical grafting technique, this revolutionary process offers superior corrosion protection, says the company. Optional features include a remote condenser for free air conditioning, and cupro-nickel heat exchangers for free water heating, all backed by a comprehensive warranty. The BKPool Series is also capable of 25% fresh air for ventilation and indoor air quality.

eProduct #78

Heat-Timer, Booth 3477

MultiMOD Enhanced Modulating Control Heat-Timer’s MultiMOD is designed to provide lead-lag and modulating control for up to four stages on boiler and cooling equipment. Optional extension increases output capability to 12 stages, says the company. In steam applications, the MultiMOD maintains setpoint control. In hydronic applications, it provides setpoint or reset control.

eProduct #79

HVAC Solution, Booth 5221

HVAC Solution Software The company says its HVAC Solution is “dynamic, interactive hvac systems design software.” Using drag-and-drop technology, engineers can visually design hvac systems. The software performs both air- and hydronic-side calculations and generates completed equipment schedules for use on design drawings. HVAC Solution “makes hvac design much faster and more accurate by bringing hvac calculations and design decisions into the computer age.” Until now, hvac designers and engineers have used load programs to perform the initial calculations and done the rest of the work by hand, using vendor software, or by using spreadsheets. Up to 40% of all hvac design work is involved in deciding on and picking equipment. HVAC Solution packages the design process from the end of loads, to the end of the project, it says.

eProduct #80

Inficon, Booth 3777

Pilot Vacuum Gauge The Pilot vacuum gauge is a digital vacuum gauge designed for hvacr service techs to measure vacuum levels on air conditioning or refrigeration systems. Users can get an actual reading on the vacuum level throughout the entire evacuation process so they realize immediately if there is a leak, says the company. It says readings from the Pilot Vacuum Gauge are more accurate at every stage in the evacuation cycle.

eProduct #81

Shark Vacuum Pump

The Shark vacuum pump is designed for service professionals for quick, deep evacuation, simplified maintenance/ repair, and durability. Shark is a two-stage, rotary vane pump, with 6-cfm rated displacement for vacuum down to 15 microns, says the company. The pump features a large oil capacity, gas ballast, internal oil pump, and fan. The unique molded design of Shark allows for easy carrying to the job while giving extraordinary durability, it says.

eProduct #82

Isolate Inc., Booth 1924

Combination HEPA Filter/UVC Air Filtration Units On display will be the new line of combination HEPA filter/UVC (ultraviolet) germicidal air filtration units for building space microbial control. Units are sized to provide a minimum of 12 room air changes per hour of 99.99% HEPA filtration efficiency at 0.3-micron particle size while offering an 80% fly-by kill capability for mold and bacteria, says the company.

eProduct #83

Lennox Industries, Booth 3321

L Connection Network Commercial Control System The L Connection network commercial control system consists of the Network Control Panel, Building Controller, Integrated Modular Control, Network Thermostat Control, Unit Control Software, NCP Software, and LN-1 “Notifact” Transmitter. The control system features sophisticated technologies such as remote monitoring, demand-control ventilation, advanced diagnostics, and lighting controls. The company says its system is easy to operate and install and “makes diagnosing problems as easy as pushing a button.”

eProduct #84

Lochinvar Corp., Booth 2400

Copper-Fin II Water Heaters, Boilers, and Pool Heaters Copper-Fin II® — The Second Generation — water heaters, boilers, and pool heaters range from 300,000 to 2,070,000 Btuh and 85% thermal efficiency. The units have a less than 20 ppm NOx rating, says the company. High-efficiency, fan-assisted combustion means you can use a smaller-diameter vent (up to 8-in. smaller than typically required). This makes installation less expensive and time-consuming, the manufacturer says. The Copper-Fin II offers seven venting options including direct vent, making this product appropriate for all installations.

eProduct #85

McGill AirFlow Corp., Booth 4045

SilverGuard™ Antimicrobial Ductwork SilverGuard ductwork is designed for any galvanized and stainless steel applications where the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus may be a concern and operating temperatures do not exceed 300?F. To fabricate SilverGuard ductwork, McGill AirFlow, under an agreement with AK Steel Corp., purchases coil steel precoated with an epoxy that includes AgION™ antimicrobial compound, a patented Zeolite inorganic ceramic matrix designed to encapsulate millions of silver ions. The company says this technology has been proven successful in controlling the spread and growth of many types of bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi.

eProduct #86

Uni-Flex Duct Sealer

Uni-Flex™ duct sealer is a water-based sealant for use on low-, medium-, and high-pressure duct systems, says the company. It is environmentally safe and contains no hazardous ingredients. Uni-Flex duct sealer has a creamy consistency. It cures to a durable, flexible film that can withstand handling and mechanical vibrations, says the company. The antimicrobial agents in this duct sealer remain effective after it has cured, it says.

eProduct #87

Modular Framing Systems, Booth 1813

Aluminum Structural Framing System Arosio s.r.l./Modular Framing Systems Inc. will be showing an all-aluminum structural framing system for the construction of air handling, air conditioning, and filtration units. A sample unit with transparent housing panels will be shown to clarify how best to apply the system. This method for assembly is designed to speed unit manufacture, reduce labor hours, and enhance product quality by improving housing panel fit, it says.

eProduct #88

Nordyne, Booth 4048

B3BW Air Handler Nordyne says its B3BW air handler offers the following features: 10- and 12-SEER residential or multi-family system design; 18,000- to 36,000-Btuh capacity (heat pump and air conditioning); 15 in. deep, 20.5 in. wide, 36.375 in. tall; approximate shipping weight of 80-85 lb; and a fully insulated cabinet for quiet operation. Frigidaire and Tappan Series offer an eight-year limited warranty; Philco and Kelvinator Series offer a six-year limited warranty; and the Gibson Series offers a five-year limited warranty.

eProduct #89

Panasonic, Booth 1549

WhisperWarm Advanced Ventilating Fans Panasonic has announced the addition of its new “WhisperWarm” Models FV-11VHL1 and FV-11VH1 to its line of advanced ventilating fans. Housed in one unit with individual controls, Model FV-11VHL1 combines ventilation, heat, light, and a nightlight. The WhisperWarm ventilating fan provides an HV1-certified sound level of 1.0 sones and air volume at 110 cfm, it says.

eProduct #90

Peerless Heater Co., Booth 3577

Flex-Heat® Comfort System Peerless Heater’s Flex-Heat hydronic comfort system combines Peerless Series GM boilers in modular arrangements with the Peerless Partner® indirect-fired water heater, modern system controls, circulators, and a design application guide designed to provide efficient, economical space and domestic hot water heating. The company says its systems offer advantages over single, large boiler installations, such as higher part-load efficiency and easier maintenance.

eProduct #91

Promax, Booth 3739

Minimax Refrigerant Recovery Machine Promax, a leader in refrigerant recovery, is proud to introduce the newest addition to its family of recovery machines, the Minimax. The company says its Minimax is a lighter and more compact recovery machine that works with all existing refrigerants, including R-410A. While the Minimax comes in a smaller package, it delivers “the maximum performance that you have come to expect from Promax.” It is manufactured by Advanced Test Products, Inc., a unit of SPX Corp.

eProduct #92

PSG Controls, Booth 4419

Medallion Series Hvac Controls PSG Controls says it has solved contractors’ two major control problems with the “Medallion” Series Hvac Controls: easy programming and service call notification. Medallion Programmable offers dial-up programming with four events per day. Medallion Service Watch notifies the homeowner when the filter, heater, or air conditioner needs to be serviced and displays the contractor’s telephone number.

eProduct #93

Research Products/Aprilaire, Booth 3320

Aprilaire Communicating Thermostat Research Products will introduce its Aprilaire Communicating Thermo-stat. The new thermostat features single-point, centralized control from either a home automation touch panel (for residential applications) or control panel (for light commercial applications), and is compatible with virtually all home automation systems, it says. Hvac automation via the Aprilaire Communicating Thermostat is “simple automation, and provides the ultimate in comfort, energy savings, and convenience.” Any residential or light commercial structure that has three or more thermostats or uses multiple heating and air conditioning units can benefit from the convenience of hvac automation, it says.

eProduct #94

Aprilaire Automatic Bypass Humidifier, Model 600

Research Products will also exhibit its new Aprilaire Automatic Bypass Humidifier, Model 600. This computer-equipped unit features state-of-the-art automatic control and uses an outdoor temperature sensor designed to monitor the slightest temperature changes. For flexibility, it can also be installed in manual mode. The Model 600 also includes a built-in bypass damper that is labeled for summer and winter settings.

eProduct #95

Sanyo Fisher Co., Booth 2361

EcoMulti Air Conditioning System Sanyo will exhibit an advanced “Eco Multi” air conditioning system that the company says makes it possible to connect a series of multiple indoor evaporator units with a capacity of up to 135% of the outdoor condensing unit’s maximum capacity. Using Eco Multi’s flexible architecture, with an indoor unit of 12,000 Btuh, for example, it is possible to connect as many as eight indoor units to one outdoor condensing unit, it says. The system employs both a standard compressor and a newly developed dual-cylinder power control compressor, providing flexibility. Fourteen indoor unit combinations are available.

eProduct #96

Setra Systems Inc., Booth 4545

Model 267 Series, Low Differential Pressure Transducers Setra Systems, Inc. has added an integral static pressure probe for duct mounting to its Model 267 Series of low differential pressure transducers. Constructed of sturdy extruded aluminum, measuring 7.8-in. long and 1¼4-in. dia, the probe is suitable for typical duct sizes. It is designed with a baffle at the tip, minimizing velocity pressure errors, says the company. Additionally, the probe is designed with a gasket to seal against the duct. The probe is designed to allow for reliable, maintenance-free installations, and is available with Setra’s Model 267 or Model 267 with optional LCD display.

eProduct #97

Sporlan Valve Co., Booth 3444

Oil Level Control Sporlan Valve Co. introduces the OL-60XH to its line of oil level controls. Features include “the widest operating range in the industry”; standard 100-mesh inlet strainer; compact design; external adjustability; oil level equalization connection; “the same reliable float construction used in other Sporlan oil level controls”; and interchange-ability with existing adapters for various types of compressors, the company says.

eProduct #98

Sealed Unit Parts Co., Booth 2729

E Class Hard Start Series The E Class Hard Start Series couples state-of-the-art electronic potential relay technology with a safety timing circuit “to provide the most reliability of any hard-start device.” With five sizes to choose from, the contractor is ensured of the proper size for the application, says the company. The E Class Hard Starts Series provides the insurance of a backup safety timing device coupled with voltage-sensing electronic potential technology, it says, making it one of the only complete lines of voltage-sensing hard starts with this capability in the market.

eProduct #99

Taco, Inc., Booth 1100, 1102

CI/FI End-Suction Pumps Taco will introduce its CI and FI end-suction pumps. The new pumps will total 41 models (20 and 21, respectively) and will have a flow range from 25 up to 4,000 gpm. The company says its new pump line, which replaces its existing CE and FE Series end-suction pumps, offers improved efficiencies and an extended performance range. CI and FI pumps will be available in 125- and 250-psi working pressures. Both lines will be available in 50- and 60-Hz models. Future CI and FI Models currently under development will accommodate high flow-low head applications. The company says its new pumps have the same standard features as its predecessors, “meeting the highest standards for hydraulic performance and dimensional characteristics.” Taco had reduced the size of the base on its FI pumps, providing a smaller footprint for tight mechanical room situations. The heavy-duty base provides a more stable platform, which meets or exceeds Hydraulic Institute and industry standards for rigidity and vibration dampening, it says. All CI and FI pumps can be fitted with an optional OSHA/ANSI-compliant coupler guard.

eProduct #100

Testo Inc., Booth 2910

TestoView Fiber Optic Scope TestoView is a lighted fiberoptic visual inspection tool “ideal for exploring inaccessible areas in many hvac and industrial applications.” The TestoView is available in 18- and 36-in. lengths. Not only is it designed to save time and money by reducing the hours often wasted in equipment disassembly, it also provides inside details for diagnosing hvac and industrial problems. Typical applications include diagnosing blocked air conditioner evaporator coils (the hidden cause of many overcharged systems) and examining heat exchangers from the inside out. Plus, it can be used for feeding thermostat wires, checking for ductwork clearance, and many other daily hvac and industrial tasks.

eProduct #151

Viconics Electronics Inc., Booth 4330

T8000 Series Thermostats Viconics Inc. introduces the T8000 Series of user-friendly programmable and nonprogrammable electronic proportional-integral (PI) thermostats. Featuring an easily, menu-driven, back-lit LCD screen, this product can be easily programmed, says the company. All important operating parameters can be set by the contractor via a special configuration button. Other features include EEPROM memory, auto changeover, remote indoor/outdoor sensor capability, and remote digital input for temporary override function. It’s available in multistage with or without economizer and heat pump versions.

eProduct #152

Worgas Inc., Booth 1156

Gas Fireplace System Worgas introduces its patent-pending gas logs with unique features and construction. The company believes they’re reminiscent of a real-wood fire, but they are clean burning with ultra-low emissions — ideal for vent-free applications. Manufacturers may appreciate their modular design with fewer parts, less assembly labor, and easier serviceability.

eProduct #153

Wrightsoft, Booth 5324

New Software Products New software programs are in place for use with both Right-Suite Residential and Right-Suite Commercial. Right-Proposal is designed to automatically generate proposals and features a programmable word processor with graphics, tables, and full font control as well as automated system component takeoffs, says the company. Right-Catalog provides an Internet-based conduit for manufacturer equipment data to flow directly to contractors. Right-Order provides an Internet-based ordering channel from the contractor to the chosen distributor. Right-Energy is an hourly energy analyzer with a complete residential utility rate system.

eProduct #154