Panasonic expanded its line of WhisperGreen ventilation fans. The new FV-08VKL1 features a motion sensor, designed to activate when it senses a person in the room.

CHICAGO - In the world of ventilation, you have power ventilators, blowers, dampers, fans, and air-handling units. Manufacturers of these products brought their newest wares for display at the 2009 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo).

Winning a 2009 Innovation Award wasTwin City Fan Companies Ltd( for its Aero Acoustic Diffuser™, which the company said was designed to increase plenum fan performance while attenuating acoustic emissions. The manufacturer said the increase in performance results in lower power consumption for a given application and reduces requirements for sound attenuation in air-handling units.

Designed primarily for commercial applications, the product can be utilized on new applications or when retrofitting an existing installation of a Twin City Fan and Blower E-series plenum fan, said the company.


Going down the list of vendors alphabetically which touted new products in the area of ventilation:

Airedale, a Modine Manufacturing Company( displayed its Valedictorian, a horizontal unit ventilator designed specifically for schools. The under-the-window horizontal unit is built with the motor mounted outside the airstream, designed to isolate vibration in the bearings and driveshaft. This is designed accordingly to bring noise to a minimum, it said. A full range of sizes is offered: 750; 1,000; 1,250; and 1,500 cfm. The coils are designed for optimal temperature and pressure drops “making the unit more efficient, putting energy dollars back in the school’s pocket,” said the company.

American Aldes Ventilation Corp. ( sported its Ventergy Series® ventilator fans, Models BVS 120 and 200. The company said the blending ventilators are highly versatile and meet Energy Star efficiency criteria for low energy consumption. The BVS models, it said, are designed to filter both indoor and incoming fresh air, and prevent the introduction of contaminants as a result of unwanted infiltration through leaks in the building’s envelopes.

Ametek Technical and Industrial Products( featured its Nautilair™ variable-speed blower. The company said the 12.3-inch blower was designed for high efficiency, low NOx, and CO emission gas-fired combustion systems. The product contains a brushless DC motor with hall-effect sensor feedback.

Big Ass Fans( introduced its new Powerfoil X, which it touted as “the strongest, most adaptable industrial fan on the market today.” It features NitroSeal Drive™, a heavy-duty gearbox developed for the hardest-working environments. According to the manufacturer, low-backlash gears are cut for precision bearing, shaft, and gear alignment to run cooler and provide maximum longevity. The NitroSeal Drive is filled with nitrogen and sealed for life “to ensure zero moisture exposure, zero contamination, and zero maintenance,” it said.

The AHGV Series of variable-speed hydronic air handlers from Comfort-Aire use R-410A.


Continental Fan Manufacturing( showcased its RMD axial exhaust fan, which the company said is suitable for roof or wall mounting and areas that have little or no duct work. The manufacturer said the product is easy to install, is corrosion resistant, and features a totally enclosed ball bearing motor.

Comfort-Aire Div., Heat Controller Inc.( introduced its new AHGV Series of variable-speed hydronic air handlers for R-410A. According to the manufacturer, the variable-speed blower motor operates about 90 percent more efficient than PSC motors. It further improves efficiency by adjusting the cfm to match the static pressure of the system, “helping to overcome poor duct design and long duct runs,” it stated. This improved air distribution throughout the static pressure range “results in a constant low-speed fan operation, which not only saves energy but also reduces temperature stratification,” said the manufacturer.

Composite Fan Technology( introduced its direct-drive panel fan, the CFT-DP Series. It comes in sizes of 10-inch to 84-inch diameter, designed to flow from 300 cfm to 125,000 cfm, and has an adjustable pitch with multiple blade profiles. CFT fans can be matched to the customer’s exact performance requirements, said the company. The fans eliminate the need for belts and pulleys, it added.

Duro Dyne Corp.( featured its new remote control damper (RCD), designed for commercial situations “where adjacent rooms call for different comfort levels,” it said. Available in sizes from 6 to 12 inches in diameter, the damper would typically be installed adjacent to the supply register, it said. Model RCD dampers allow adjustment of the flow of conditioned air in individual rooms with the use of a remote control, a wireless thermostat, or an occupancy sensor, explained a company representative.

ebm-papst Inc.( featured its HyBlade®, which the company termed “a revolutionary concept of axial fans that combines the benefits of two materials into an intelligent package.” The hybrid fan is composed of a corrosion-resistant aluminum structure and spray-coated fiberglass-reinforced plastic blades. The company said its winglet technology has been incorporated into the blade tips, “which aid in delivering impeccable aerodynamics and minimize turbulence between blade and housing for quiet and efficient operation.” The HyBlade can be adapted to specific operational requirements and is available in diameters of 20 to 39 inches.

Heat Controller( introduced new electric heat air handlers, a new high-efficiency series for R-410A. Available sizes range from 1.5 tons to 5 tons. The company said certain models feature GE’s new X-13 motor, designed for enhanced SEER performance with most Heat Controller outdoor condensing units. They have multi-position designs for upflow, downflow, horizontal left, and horizontal right installations. The air handlers have 1-inch reinforced foil-faced jacket insulation designed to provide thermal efficiency and quiet operation, it added.

Metal-Fab Inc.( displayed its new ceiling radiation dampers for boot assemblies. There is a 90(o) or “L” boot, an end boot, and a straight boot. The company said it can ship most orders within 24 hours.


Multi-Wing America, a Crowley Company ( introduced its new 1G stick blades, which it termed “fit for applications requiring low-noise impellers in large diameters.” The 1G extends the Multi-Wing sickle series with its diameter range of 2,140 mm to 2,536 mm, making it “the ideal solution for larger cooling towers, condensers, and radiators,” it said.

Panasonic( announced the expansion of its Whisper Green™ premium ventilation fans with two new models, FV-08VKSL1 and FV-08VKML1. Both offer new light and nightlife features. Each are designed with the company’s DC motors, built-in controls, and now have added lights, using two 18-watt Panasonic compact fluorescent bulbs.

The FV-08VKML1 features the company’s SmartAction® motion sensor, designed to activate when it senses a person. It then elevates the fans to a maximum level of operation of 80 cfm. When the person leaves, a delay timer returns the fans to the minimum cfm level after a set period of time, which can be determined by the user, said the company.

Rosenberg( expanded its electronically commutated DC fans to include designs “that deliver the highest available airflows and static pressures,” said the company. The new models can deliver up to 6 inches of static pressure or airflow of more than 16,000 cfm, it said.

The company also featured its new Epsilon™ 31.5-inch axial fans, which the company said are suitable for heaters, heat pumps, condensers, chillers, and cooling units. It features sickle-shaped blades, designed to reduce noise. The fans feature airflows up to 14,000 cfm at free air and 100 percent speed control with external rotor motor, said the company.

The company also featured its new Ecofit®-brand flange-mounted backward curved impellers, designed to provide “optimal airflow and substantially lower installed cost for OEM customers,” noted the company. The new impellers are designed for clean rooms (fan/filter units), fume hoods for factories, ventilation hoods for commercial kitchens, and in HVAC systems.

Safe-Air/Dowco( featured two new dampers. The new Model ES-100 is an exhaust riser damper, designed for maximum energy efficiency and ease of installation, it said. The actuator is accessible from the bottom of the damper and it is installed behind the grille. No access door is required, said the company. Meanwhile, the new Model HREC is an exhaust air automatic damper designed to open and close by operation of a light switch or motion detector. The HREC operates only when switched on. A static pressure sensor located in the main exhaust duct controls the exhaust fan speed through a variable-frequency drive to maintain a given duct pressure.


Security Chimneys (, a division of Lennox Hearth Products, displayed its latest advancements in venting products. Its CI-Positive Pressure Chimney System is available in various grades of stainless steel, while its sealing efficiency makes it appropriate for negative- or positive-pressure appliances and for both high-efficiency and high-condensation appliances, it said. It is available in 5-inch to 36-inch inside diameters.

Its CT Lining and Breaching System can be used as a replacement liner in a masonry chimney, a flue pipe with a masonry structure, or for horizontal breeching, such as boiler flues. The system offers leak-proof connections and is suitable for positive-pressure systems. Its new CG-gas vent type B is compatible with all gas heating appliances equipped with atmospheric burner, forced-air from burner, as well as condensation appliances or heat recovery units, it said.

Other new items include the SecureTemp™ ASHT+, an insulated stainless steel chimney specifically designed for use with wood-burning fireplaces and type A installations with gas-fired or oil-fired appliances. Secura Plus-2 insulation is pressure-packed, designed to retain high flue temperature and is totally non-caustic.

Its CTX Secure Seal™ Single Wall Special Gas Vent System and its CTXD Secure Seal™ Double Wall Special Gas Vent System are designed to install quickly and easily with self-sealing Secure Seal gaskets and built-in medical gear clamps. The CTXD version is suited in installations where extra heat shield or closer clearances are required, it said.

Seiho ( said it expects to launch its new NX line of aluminum reversible TurboNozzle™ air distribution equipment by mid-year. The NX models will utilize a distinct cone design. By rotating the inner cones, it will be designed to provide the effective selection of narrow to wide-jet air pattern, as well as adjustment of direction, it said.

Tjernlund Products ( showed its new room-to-room and level-to-level ventilators. The room-to-room model AS1 requires a 120 VAC electrical connection from within the wall cavity. Model AS1P includes a concealed power cord and must be installed adjacent to an electrical outlet. The level-to-level ventilator (Model ASLL) includes a built-in on-off switch and blower guard screen.

Publication Date: 02/16/2009