Company: Venstar Inc.

Customer: Conejo Valley Unified School District, Thousand Oaks, California

Installation: Venstar’s T4900SCH SchoolStat thermostats

Completion: 2017

Objective: Located in Southern California, just north of Los Angeles, the Conejo Valley has temperatures that range from below freezing in the winter to well above 100°F in the summer. The school district has hundreds of thermostats across 30 sites, which include school campuses, offices, and warehouses. Rick Freed, the energy manager and educator for the Conejo Valley Unified School District, wanted to be able to remotely monitor, control, and make global changes across the thermostats with the ultimate objective of reducing energy usage and costs.

Work Completed: In one year, the school district saved 40 percent on its energy costs, a significant portion of which Freed attributes to Venstar SchoolStat thermostats. Freed used Skyport’s global changes to ensure uniform schedule programming across the school district’s 30 locations. Because Freed can make global changes to all of the Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats at the same time from his computer, there’s no need for changes to be made at individual thermostats. Venstar’s thermostats with free Skyport Cloud Services help ensure consistent, comfortable temperatures at the Conejo Valley Unified School District campuses, offices, and warehouses, no matter how hot or cold it is outside. Skyport provides remote access to the thermostats, so Freed can easily access, monitor, and program the thermostats from virtually anywhere there’s internet access.

Publication date: 10/16/201