SPARTA, N.J. — Testo Inc. announced its 2017 Refrigeration Spring Campaign. This campaign builds upon the immense success of Testo’s Smart Probe Refrigeration Kit and the 550 and 557 Smart Digital Manifolds, which now come standard with Bluetooth. Users will see the benefits and importance of checking air conditioning and refrigeration systems with the hoseless and wireless Smart Probe Refrigeration kit as well as a full system service offered by the Smart Digital Manifolds. Using the powerful Testo Apps installed on their iOS/Android phones and tablets, users can gather data, such as automatic calculations of superheat and sub-cooling, and send detailed reports directly from the app.

The Testo Smart Probe Refrigeration Kit is a combination of four instruments that measure high-side and low-side pressures and temperatures of a/c and refrigeration systems for quick system diagnosis with no refrigeration. All link simultaneously to the Testo Smart Probe App.

The Testo 550 2-valve digital manifold, equipped with two pipe clamp temperature probes, instantly displays superheat/sub-cool measurements for up to 60 refrigerants. Combined with the Bluetooth Refrigeration App, the 550 unlocks new possibilities for efficient analysis and documentation.

The Testo 557 4-valve digital manifold comes with an external vacuum probe for faster and more reliable evacuations, Bluetooth App, two pipe clamp temperature probes for instantaneous superheat/sub-cooling readings, and a convenient service case.

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Publication date: 4/13/2017

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