Company: Turbo Torch, an ESAB brand

Product: Victor® Oxy-Fuel Tote Outfits

Description: These tote outfits come in two portable options. The light-duty outfit features the smaller (6-inch) J-APT handle for better maneuverability in tight spaces while the medium-duty outfit includes the medium-sized (8.3-inch) 100-CPT handle for working with thicker materials. The J-APT and 100-CPT handles are recognized for their performance, safety, reliability, and durability. Both torches come with check valves for enhanced safety. Tote outfits conveniently package most every item a technician needs for Oxy-Fuel applications. The lightweight plastic carrying case features an ergonomic handle and a patented design that balances the outfit when carrying Type R oxygen and Type M fuel cylinders (outfits are available with or without cylinders).

Contact: 800-372-2123;;

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