LAS VEGAS — On Monday, Jan. 30, Lux Products unveiled its latest thermostats, highlighting the GEOx, GEOz, and KONO smart thermostats at a media breakfast. Lux’s KONO means “inviting” according to president of Lux Products, Robert Munin, and its unique look and appeal shows why. The KONO is user-friendly, utilizes smart technology, and allows different swatches to be placed onto the smart thermostat, so it can fit the décor and theme of the room it is in.

“It’s our belief that a lot of the smart thermostats look like hi-fi devices, and we wanted to make it a little more personal, so providing different options they can  buy for a small amount of money can really get the customization they are looking for,” said Munin. Following the ever-popular connectivity trend with thermostats, Lux’s new thermostats are connected with Amazon’s Alexa and the Apple Home Kit. 

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