Company: Johnson Controls Inc.

Product: BlueStream™

Description: This cooling system features thermosyphon hybrid cooling to reduce water consumption in traditional cooling tower systems. It also maintains peak process output and energy efficiency on the hottest summer days. Open cooling towers reduce the temperature of water heated in chillers, industrial processes, data centers, and other high-heat practices. Through a “wet” process, warm water is sprayed over the fill in a cooling tower to increase the contact area, and the heat is removed through evaporation. A constant supply of water is needed to replace the water evaporated from the cooling tower, but in many regions, continuing droughts and increasing competition for this essential resource limit water availability. Additionally, some water is continuously bled from the system to reduce the buildup of undissolved solids as water is evaporated. This generates a large wastewater stream, which often contains many additional water treatment chemicals.

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