MT. VERNON, N.Y. — Ice Air®, manufacturer of a variety of HVAC units including packaged terminal air conditioners (PTACs), has been awarded a U.S. patent (US 9,383,115 B2) for its fresh air ventilation package, which relates to fresh air ventilation devices for use with air conditioners and/or heaters. In operation, the patented device supplements the recirculating air of the air conditioner/heater with fresh air drawn from outside of the building.

“Ice Air’s product lines and advanced green features are continually evolving to meet changing market demands,” said Ric Nadel, chairman/co-CEO of the company after the award. “In fact, we came up with this device, which we call Xstream Air™ to provide from 20-100 cfm of filtered, tempered outside air through our advanced terminal equipment after listening to one of our specifying engineers.”

Peter Joselow, president of Joselow & Associates LLC, an engineering firm in White Plains, N.Y., was that engineer. “I remember telling them they should do this because of code requirements coming up. They actually listened.”

Essentially, codes are requiring fresh air ventilation as buildings become more “sealed.” According to Joselow, “In the old days, you cracked a window a bit, but the new codes are requiring non-tenant interference with fresh air ventilation. Ice Air’s product does that job.”

“It’s an honor to receive this patent,” said Mo Siegel, Ice Air’s president/co-CEO. “Xstream Air eliminates the need for separate make-up air systems or window mounted ‘trickle vents’ and brings fresh air from the building’s exterior and filters and tempers it before mixing it with air from inside the room to create a single, refreshing air stream.”

In addition to PTACs, Ice Air’s products include water source heat pumps, fan coil units, single package vertical air conditioners and heat pumps, and hybrid water cooled air conditioners.

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Publication date: 11/11/2016

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