SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has authorized the sale and import of Bluon Energy’s TdX 20 refrigerant under its Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program. The purpose of the SNAP program is to identify and evaluate substitutes for substances that pose a risk to human health or an environmental risk, such as global warming potential (GWP). The program looks at alternatives for a number of products including refrigeration and air conditioning components.

TdX 20 is a next-generation refrigerant blend for use as a replacement for R-22, R-404A, and R-507A refrigerants used in existing HVAC and refrigeration equipment, said Bluon. With this SNAP notification, TdX 20 is now authorized for use in commercial comfort air conditioning, industrial process refrigeration systems, and retail food refrigeration. TdX 20 had previously received authorization from the EPA in May 2015 for sale and use in residential and commercial air conditioning. TdX 20 is a patent-pending blend of five approved EPA and ASHRAE constituents combined to enhance energy efficiency and overall performance in existing HVACR systems. In addition to its energy efficiency attributes, TdX 20 has one of the lowest GWPs of any R-22 replacement on the market, making it environmentally friendly.

“Under the EPA’s SNAP program, Bluon’s TdX 20 has been identified as climate and environmentally friendly plus a solution for phased-out refrigerants that no longer meet standards. We are pleased that they confirmed its safety in air conditioning applications last year and now in refrigeration applications,” said Douglas Reinke, president and CEO of Bluon Energy. “This authorization opens the door for the full refrigerant marketplace to take advantage of the many attributes of TdX 20 in saving energy, equipment, and the environment.”

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Publication date: 7/11/2016

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