SAN FRANCISCO — Helium, an Internet of Things (IoT) company, has announced the launch of its Helium Pulse™ monitoring and alerting application. Available for both web and mobile clients, Helium Pulse enables online monitoring and alerting of critical equipment such as refrigeration units so that companies can save money, improve efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction.

The Helium Pulse application is designed to monitor and alarm using one of several Helium smart sensors. Helium Pulse comes with customizable alerts that are said to reduce false positives. With its emphasis on smart sensors and intelligent monitoring, Helium said its alerts are both immediately useful and powerful enough for the most complex environments. These complex alert rules can be applied to one or thousands of sensors so that true enterprise scale is straightforward and manageable, said the company. The real-time alerts can be delivered through email, text, or app-based notifications or integrated into existing business systems through modern web application programming interfaces (APIs). Pulse handles management of the smart sensors from the cloud and provides reporting and data visualization for all sensors in the system.

Helium also announced its new Helium Green™ sensor, which reports temperature, barometric pressure, ambient light, motion, and humidity all from a single smart sensor. Helium Pulse and Helium smart sensors provide a fully integrated, end-to-end solution, including sensing, network connectivity, data management, control, business logic, analytics, monitoring and alerts, and a management dashboard.

“Helium is transforming numerous industries, from health care, to food and beverage, to insurance and building management, by offering smart sensors coupled with simple, elegant applications like Helium Pulse,” said Rob Chandhok, president and chief operating officer, Helium. “Using Helium, companies can improve efficiency, avoid loss from equipment failure, and reduce downtime.”

Helium Pulse is currently in trials with customers in the restaurant industry. By adding Helium smart sensors to existing refrigeration units, restaurants can use Helium Pulse to continuously monitor internal temperatures, better adhere to compliance and regulation guidelines, and alert staff to any significant deviations. By continuously monitoring storage conditions, restaurants can ensure health and safety standards are met and avoid spoilage, risk to customers, and lost inventory.

Helium is also partnering with hospitals and health care organizations to continuously monitor medical refrigeration units using Helium Pulse, reducing risk and improving patient safety. This includes inventory monitoring of refrigerated items, such as medications, vaccines, tissue samples, and other medical products to prevent loss of samples and to ensure compliance. Helium is currently in trials with several of the top 10 hospitals in the U.S.

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Publication date: 5/9/2016

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