ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. — Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) International Inc. has announced the revision of AMCA Publication 600, Application Manual for Airflow Measurement Stations. The new designation is AMCA Publication 600-16.

This application guide is intended to assist designers and users with the proper application, performance considerations, selection, and limitations of airflow measurement stations (AMSs).

This revision is intended to help designers and users avoid problems associated with misapplied or incorrectly installed AMSs. Problems may include incorrect location, inappropriate measurement range, mismatched accompanying instrumentation, and an AMS incompatible with the intended application. AMCA 600-16 provides an overview of permanently installed AMSs and their application. It does not address portable devices used to measure airflow in test and balance applications. It is not the intent of AMCA 600-16 to be used for detailed specifications; rather it serves as a guide toward understanding the various types of AMSs available and items to be considered for their proper use.

AMCA 600 is the latest publication from AMCA covering air monitoring stations. ANSI/AMCA Standard 610 (2012) is the rating test standard for air monitoring stations, and AMCA Publication 611 (2015) describes the AMCA Certified Ratings Program for air monitoring stations rated in accordance with AMCA 610.

AMCA Publication 600-16 is available for purchase from the AMCA store.

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Publication date: 4/8/2016

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