Company: Larson Electronics


Description: This safety light produces 2,250 lumens of sharp blue light while drawing 2.09 A from a 12-V electrical system. Five 5-W blue LEDs producing 450 lumens each are combined with high-output parabolic reflectors to produce a narrow-spread spot beam, providing a high-intensity center beam visible at night and during the day. It can operate in temperatures of minus 40° to 80°C; is waterproof to 1 meter; and resists ingress of dust, dirt, and humidity. The housing is formed from extruded aluminum, and the lens is constructed of polycarbonate. The light is suspended within a form-fitting trunnion mount, which has two knurled knobs that can be loosened, allowing the LED light to be adjusted and then retightened to lock the light into the desired position, once mounted. A single stainless steel stud protrudes from the bottom of the mount, enabling the operator to install the light using a simple through-hole mount.

Contact: 800-369-6671;

eProduct 182 

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