Company: Schebler Chimney Systems

Product: eVent™ DualSeal™

Description: The eVent DualSeal with RapidLock™ connection system is designed for high-efficiency boilers. The patent pending, flange-to-flange, factory-applied, gasket-to-gasket design was developed to prevent venting systems from leaking. A male-to-female gasket joint is commonly used to accommodate condensate drain backflow. However, with this design, the exhaust gas flow — which contains large amounts of corrosive condensate — can be forced past the gasket if fit-up is even slightly imperfect, which causes water damage to the facility. The eVent DualSeal allows the exhaust gas with condensate to flow over the gaskets, creating a leak-free seal and eliminating costly callbacks and facility damage.

Contact: 800-391-0009;

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