NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — In new construction, roughing in a wall hung mini split evaporator has been difficult because there is no central point at which the piping and wiring can be safely and easily terminated, and once installed, the exposed lineset and cable are subject to damage by other trades.

Although in common use in Europe, South America, and other parts of the world, rough in box technology was formerly unavailable in the U.S. because not only were the sizes wrong, but it was also not compatible with standard construction practices in the U.S.

Now, redesigned and re-engineered specifically for North America, the new RoughinBox™ by Excelair brings this technology to the United States and Canadian markets.

Manufactured by Polar Building Solutions of Brazil, the patent pending RoughinBox™ is exclusively distributed, under its new Excelair brand name, in the U.S. and Canada by Marketair, which is also the exclusive export sales representative for all areas outside South America.

RoughinBox is offered in two versions. The RBX1-CD-NC is a bottom drain version suitable for most high wall installations while the RBX2-SD-NC is a lower profile, side drain version which is suitable for use in restricted spaces above doors and windows where bottom drainage is not possible.

Both versions are suitable for use with wood or metal studs at 16-inch centers and will accommodate rigid PVC or copper pipe and plain or insulated flexible drain hose.

The RoughinBox is precision blow molded of high density plastic and has no seams, which makes it completely waterproof.

In cases where gravity drainage is not possible and a condensate pump has to be installed, there is sufficient room inside the box cavity to accommodate the reservoir, and the pump if required.

The rear panel of the box can easily be removed if required to provide for an optional rear opening to provide access for maintenance, replacements, or repairs. An access cover for the opposite wall is available.

Another advantage is that evaporators can now be installed after all other trades are complete and the air is free of dust and construction debris. By eliminating the need to clean the coils and filters before startup, the commissioning process is substantially shortened.

RoughinBox incorporates a number of patent pending features to facilitate the installation of the lineset, power and control cables, and condensate drain system prior to sheetrock installation and substantially reduce the time taken to hook up the evaporator after sheetrock and painting are completed.

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Publication date: 2/16/2016

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