WASHINGTON — HVAC Excellence has administered more than 100,000 Employment Ready Certification examinations.

HVAC Excellence has long believed that no single assessment examination can be used to identify the knowledge needed at various stages of one’s career, and, as such, has offered progressive levels of certification for more than 16 years.

Students completing post-secondary certificate and/or degree programs are not full-fledged technicians; however, after completing their education, they should be knowledgeable in various areas to begin a career, which is why HVAC Excellence created the Employment Ready Certification Program, said Howard Weiss, executive vice president, HVAC Excellence.

The Employment Ready Certification program is a series of discipline-specific examinations that have been used for more than a decade by educational programs to prove entry-level technicians possess the core knowledge of HVACR system theory, function, application, components, and troubleshooting ability that is required for success when entering the workforce.

For additional information on the Employment Ready exam, or any other HVAC Excellence certification program, call 800-726-9696 or visit www.escogroup.org.

Publication date: 11/2/2015 

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