Company: Ebullient LLC

Product: Ebullient Cooling System

Description: The Ebullient Cooling System (ECS) is composed of Ebullient’s ES line of 2N redundant fluid distribution units, rack level manifolds, and server loops to match heat loads from seven to 200,000 servers. The heart of the enabling technology is within the Ebullient Jet Module — a flow geometry that achieves and propagates localized vaporization of 3M’s dielectric Novec 7000 fluid flowing at moderate temperature and pressure. The fluid is proven to not harm electronic devices, even if it’s poured over them. Flexible tubing allows the ECS to adapt to existing hardware without modification. Within each server, the ECS can cool up to 12 heat sources in series (processors, memory, voltage regulators, etc.) per loop.

Contact: 608-957-7751;

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