Company: AirAdvice for Homes Inc.

Product: M5200 Monitoring Platform

Description: An updated M5200 IAQ monitoring platform enables residential HVAC contractors to perform IAQ assessments in 30 minutes. Once the monitor is plugged into a wall outlet, it automatically begins collecting IAQ data. After 30 minutes, the monitor uploads the data to AirAdvice servers via its internal cellular modem. The servers process the data, generate an IAQ report, and email that report to the user. The user can open the report on a tablet computer such as an iPad and share it with the homeowner. The report addresses: particles, chemical pollutants, humidity, temperature CO2, and CO2. For each parameter, the report explains why it’s important in terms of health, safety, and comfort; how the home’s findings compare to industry standards; potential causes of problems; and potential solutions, including vendor-specific product recommendations.

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