EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J. — Mike Agugliaro, home services entrepreneur and founder of consulting company ServiceKey, has announced the release of a second book, Secrets of Leadership Mastery: 22 Powerful Keys to Unlock Your Team’s Potential and Get Greater Results.

Focusing on 22 tips to unlocking a team’s potential in order to gain better business results, Agugliaro’s newest book aims to help service business owners create a culture built around shared goals and strategic leadership.

“Leadership impacts every aspect of your business,” said Agugliaro. “That’s why this book is so important for everyone in the service industry. It helps you master leadership skills that will not only create a company culture that stimulates success, but also improves your bottom line.”

Like many service business owners, Agugliaro spent years working up to 18 hours a day in his truck, and wasn’t getting the results he wanted or needed. With a revised leadership strategy, Agugliaro and his business partner grew their less than $1 million company into a $23 million dollar home services business with nearly 140 employees serving more than 100,000 customers. He turned those strategies into a business coaching company, ServiceKey, and has since authored two books in addition to hosting a weekly podcast series, teleseminars, and monthly coaching events.

“I’ve seen so many service business owners struggle because they focus too much on managing their workers instead of motivating them,” said Agugliaro. “In this book I give you the tools to create a set of core values that instill a shared mission in your employees, and inspires them to work together to achieve your company’s goals.”

For more information and to order Secrets of Leadership Mastery, click here.

For more information about ServiceKey, visit www.secretsofbusinessmastery.com.

Publication date: 6/15/2015

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