As technology continues to advance, more and more industry mobile applications are becoming available for smartphones and tablets. These mobile apps can be valuable tools for HVACR customers, contractors, distributors, and manufacturers.

System Sensor

System SensorCompany: System Sensor Ltd.

Platform(s): iPad, Android tablets, and Windows 8.1 devices

Updated: March 2015

Cost: Free to download

Where to download: iTunes, Google Play, Windows Store, and

Description: The System Sensor Experience App provides interactive, digital content that is rich with product information, videos, and more using the Adobe DPS engine. It features interactive files or folios in a library that features product information, videos, images, and more.

Quote: “The free System Sensor Experience App provides interactive, digital content rich with videos, product and code information, and more. Using the Adobe Digital Publishing engine, we are able to provide a great user experience with always-up-to-date information directly to our sales staff and customers’ mobile devices.” — Larry Newberry, senior graphic, Web, and digital developer, System Sensor

myControl Interface

myControl InterfaceCompany: Reliable Controls Corp.

Platform(s): Apple and Android mobile devices

Updated: April 2015

Cost: Free to download; interfaces with existing MACH-System™

Where to download: iTunes, Google Play, and

Description: The myControl app is a fully customized mobile interface for the MACH-System and provides individual personal control for occupants through accessible settings for occupancy, temperature, lighting, ventilation, and more. The app allows occupants to dynamically adjust their individual comfort settings while providing owners and operators with the energy savings they require to run an efficient facility. Having personal access offers user empowerment and accountability as well as the potential for additional energy savings. Features include the configuration of multiple groups of points using any mix of three currently available views; backwards compatibility with any MACH-System that includes an Ethernet-connected MACHProWeb™ controller; STATview, which provides a programmable thermostat interface and allows users to monitor and control the operation of HVAC equipment; LISTview, which provides a custom list of up to 12 system points that an occupant or operator can quickly view and adjust; and SPACEview, which provides an intuitive interface for occupants to adjust environmental conditions in their space.

Quote: “The myControl app is the simplest way to provide peace of mind to facility managers. It empowers occupants with control of their climate and puts sustainability in the forefront.” — David Brunsdon, technical communicator, Reliable Controls

ecobee3 App

ecobee3 AppCompany: ecobee

Platform(s): Apple and Android mobile devices

Updated: April 2015

Cost: Free to download; works with ecobee smart Wi-Fi thermostats

Where to download: iTunes, Google Play, and

Description: The ecobee3 residential mobile app monitors and controls the ecobee Smart, Smart Si, and ecobee3 thermostats from anywhere, anytime. Remotely edit virtually all of a thermostat’s settings, including desired indoor temperature, humidity level, system status, system mode, and fan run time. A user may view current schedule and temperature settings as well as current local weather and four-day weather forecast — no separate weather app required. View the name, current temperature, occupancy, participation, and connectivity status for your ecobee3 and all wireless remote sensors paired with your thermostat. App users can also set and edit which comfort settings their ecobee3 and each sensor participates in. Use the Quick Changes menu to set the thermostat to Away when stepping out for a while, or create a specific schedule for vacations. If you have multiple thermostats, you can switch between them and view detailed information for each thermostat and the wireless remote sensors paired with it.

Quote: “The app works great and provides a slick interface that matches the one on the thermostat. The design is simple but efficient, and everything is very easy to use.” — Matthew Fiereck, Google Play review

Static Pressure

Static PressureCompany: Automatic Airflow Balancing LLC

Platform(s): Apple and Android mobile devices

Updated: May 2015

Cost: Free to download; requires SPM-100 Smartphone Static Pressure Meter

Where to download: iTunes, Google Play, and

Description: Work hard and smart with this smartphone manometer, which places advanced HVAC tool technology right at a user’s fingertips. The app allows a user to measure static pressure, total external static pressure, pressure differential, and indoor and outdoor pressure. It pairs the meter to your smartphone quickly and seamlessly via Bluetooth. On-screen guidance makes it easy to take and analyze accurate readings. The app imports local weather data based on a smartphone’s GPS location and emails detailed reports directly from within the app. An optional probe kit, with color-coded probes for ease of use, is sold separately.

Quote: “The biggest challenge with manometers has always been capturing, understanding, and conveying the importance of static pressure in a forced-air system. It is comparable to blood pressure in the human body in terms of system health. The SPM-100 provides detailed and graphic on-screen guidance to remind and assist the user on the correct way to take pressure measurements for several critical tests. This makes it possible for all levels of technicians to provide valuable feedback on the system’s performance.” — Troy Buswell, Automatic Airflow Balancing

Belimo RetroFit

Belimo RetroFitCompany: Belimo Air Controls

Platform(s): Apple iPad

Updated: April 2015

Cost: Free to download

Where to download: iTunes,

Description: The RetroFit App allows a user to quickly and easily find replacement solutions for valves and actuators with or without an Internet connection. Solutions are available based on the equipment manufacturer, product model, control type, torque, and close-off requirements. Replacement results provide a complete selection of products that are compatible with most control systems.

Quote: “For years, our customers have had to carry multiple books around. But, now, with the digital age, we can finally alleviate some of that book bag space. The new RetroFit app will help distributors, end users, and even our sales team get the solution they need on-site with real-time parts numbers and pricing.” — Joseph Carcare, product manager, globe valves and retrofit solutions, Belimo

Allied Crossover

Allied CrossoverCompany: Allied Air Enterprises Inc.

Platform(s): Apple and Android mobile devices

Updated: April 2015

Cost: Free to download

Where to download: iTunes, Google Play, and

Description: With instant access to more than 4,000 light commercial rooftop units, the Allied Crossover App quickly identifies the best Allied Commercial™ match for most equipment replacement needs. Get information on curb requirements, accessories, weights, dimensions, and electrical data, and then share your results with your Allied Commercial distributor for price and availability.

Quote: “The feedback from the field — both distributors and contractors — has been extremely positive on the usability of the app. We want replacing with Allied Commercial to be an easy choice, and we want the information in our customers’ hands right when they need it.” — Nick Orth, commercial marketing manager, Allied Commercial

Publication date: 6/15/2015

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