CENTERVILLE, Ohio — Aeroseal has introduced HomeSeal PRO, designed with wireless technology and new remote management capabilities, which the company said can significantly increase residential duct sealing productivity and profitability.

“HomeSeal PRO can instantly cut the number of man-hours required to aeroseal a home by 50 percent or more,” said Aeroseal’s Scott Mueller, director of residential sales. “Not only do the new remote management tools significantly reduce the time required to complete a duct sealing project, but, thanks to HomeSeal PRO’s new integrated wireless capabilities, a procedure that used to require a minimum of two workers can now easily be accomplished with just one.”

Using the Aeroseal wireless system, a technician is no longer tethered to the equipment to monitor and manage the process. Now a single worker can facilitate the entire computer-controlled duct sealing process via a tablet from anywhere in or around the house. All system monitoring and adjustments, including process pause, can now be performed remotely, allowing the technician to do ongoing inspections as needed.

The company said much of the on-the-job system setup time can also be eliminated with HomeSeal PRO. Using the system’s long-range wireless capabilities, all of the duct sealing equipment can remain in the truck, pre-assembled and ready for HVAC hookup.

In addition, HomeSeal PRO’s portable tablet-based control system comes pre-loaded with a complete library of Aeroseal sales and marketing material, including videos and brochures. With this information at the technician’s fingertips, it is easier to answer homeowner questions and show prospective customers the benefits of sealing their ductwork. The immediate access to this information helps in closing more jobs.

HomeSeal PRO is compatible with any portable Windows 8 device or Android tablet. The software allows for continuous, instant updates and quick, easy uploads of reporting data.

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Publication date: 3/23/2015

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