ComStar Intl. Inc.: Refrigerant SealantA/C Zero Leak contains no polymers, creates a permanent flexible seal, and will not harden inside the operating system, eliminating blockages and sticking problems. Some stop-leak products use polymers to create a seal to clog a leak. However, polymers in the presence of moisture in a system can harden and clog expansion devices and components. A/C Zero Leak travels throughout the system seeking out leaks and is formulated to stop small leaks in evaporators and condensers as well as around gaskets and seals. A/C Zero Leak is safe for all refrigerant oils and refrigerants. It can be used in old and new systems, and only 2 ounces is needed in automotive applications and 3-4 ounces in 1.5- to 5-ton a/c systems.

ComStar Intl. Inc.

eProduct 181

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