RENO, Nev. — Smart Fog has announced the release of a new technology to enable facility managers to maintain precise relative humidity in any environment without condensation. The new feature is available for both the direct space ES100 and HVAC in-duct TS100 commercial humidifiers.

According to the company, the key disadvantage to steam generated humidity (electric or gas) is a large differential between the target and the moisture in the air. This is a major shortfall of steam technology because between the start and stop there is always a lag. This time lag creates an uneven humidity in the environment and creates condensation that leads to other major issues such as mold and pathogen buildup in the HVAC system and ductwork. Smart Fog has introduced millisecond control that enables the user to control a 1 percent differential even in extreme conditions. The 2015 models now shipping are equipped with new dew point control which allows the system to understand the exact temperature dynamics in the ductwork and operate at full efficiency without one drop of water compensating on the ductwork, said the company.

Smart Fog systems evaporate 100 percent of the water into the air. No drains or additional fans are required to operate the system.

The system is engineered for simple and quick installation, the company said. It operates on low pressure and utilizes flexible piping and push-to-connect fittings.

The only maintenance required on a Smart Fog system is replacing the filter elements on the water, and air filters every two years. The system is designed with solid-state components. There are no parts that need to be serviced on a maintenance cycle other than the filter cartridges.

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Publication date: 1/12/2015

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