DALLAS — TXU Energy has announced a partnership with EnergyHub that gives its TXU iThermostat™ the added capability of location-based thermostat adjustments to enable automated energy savings and comfort.

With location-based controls, customers can program their thermostats to reduce HVAC system usage while they and their mobile devices are away, and to start up those systems as they move closer toward their homes and businesses. The settings can be customized to meet each customer’s preferences and can be set for multiple devices in the same household. Some other Internet-enabled thermostats are tied to one mobile device, reducing flexibility and potential savings opportunities.

“TXU Energy is clearly focused on a superior customer experience,” said Seth Frader-Thompson, EnergyHub co-founder and president. “The company is deliberate about creating relevant value for customers and is committed to driving smart innovation in North America’s most competitive market. That’s a perfect match for us, and we’re excited to help TXU Energy deliver for Texans.”

TXU Energy introduced the TXU iThermostat in 2009 to help customers minimize wasteful electricity consumption and to help reduce pressure on the state’s power grid during periods of high usage. Building on this foundation, TXU Energy is now working with EnergyHub to expand the thermostat’s energy- and money-saving features.

“EnergyHub is well positioned to help us deliver an even better customer experience through its innovative online tools, mobile capabilities, and installation services,” said Scott Hudson, chief operating officer for TXU Energy.

Customers who add the TXU iThermostat to their TXU Energy services will access their remote thermostat controls with fewer clicks and will get even more intuitive options for energy efficient settings. The new benefits will phase in for current TXU iThermostat customers.

For more information about EnergyHub, visit www.energyhub.com.

For more information about TXU Energy, visit www.txu.com.

Publication date: 1/5/2015

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