Utilizing AAF’s exclusive Impress1 pleating technology, VariCel 2+ filters combine the lowest resistance with high mechanical strength while maximizing energy efficiency. AAF’s Impress Technology is a patented pleat formation process that employs embossed media to form the optimal pleat geometry. This, combined with less restriction from separator material and better media usage, delivers a higher dust-holding capacity (DHC) and a lower pressure drop for greater energy efficiency. VariCel 2+ filters utilize this exclusive pleating technology to create energy-efficient 4-inch filters. Higher DHC equates to a longer service life, reducing the number of filter change outs, saving labor and material costs while reducing waste. VariCel 2+ media is moisture resistant and can withstand intermittent exposure to water without affecting filter performance. The media pack is encased in a high-impact plastic frame and completely sealed in a water-based copolymer emulsion, keeping particulate from bypassing the filter media. The pleat formation, plastic frame, and center support bar make the VariCel 2+ filter mechanically stable, providing exceptional performance, even in tough operating conditions.

AAF Intl.

eProduct 183

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