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Fossil Fuel Heating Equipment: Principles and Troubleshooting

This article was written to provide an understanding of the basic principles of fossil fuel heating systems and how to troubleshoot these systems using thermometers, digital multimeters, pressure/vacuum modules, and other accessories. When troubleshooting the fossil fuel forced-air furnace, it is important to break the unit down into three basic components: the thermostat control system; the fan control system; and the flame verification control system.

Commissioning: Quality Assurance for the Bottom Line

Commissioning in new construction starts by preventing errors in the most critical, early stages: planning and design. After ground is broken, the process checks for correct installation and start up. The next two stages, functional and performance testing, check for incorrect operation. The last two stages include training and first-year occupancy services, and pave the way for a sustainable building. Because commissioning is integrated into the entire construction process, it is termed integrated commissioning.

Leveraging Your Business Relationships

Conducting business successfully has always been, and will always be, driven by relationships. While many claim relationships in business are dead, and price is the only game, they are sadly mistaken. Today, more than ever before, business leaders must fill their skills toolboxes with the knowledge and ability to leverage both casual and sustained relationships into more formal strategic alliance relationships. There are a number of benefits to any organization in building alliance relationships.

Supplier Partnering: Keep Your Profits Up and Costs Down

American business, through much of the 20th century, functioned based on the paradigm of adversary transactions. Decades ago, this syndrome was prevalent in situations where small companies supplied large national companies. This was conventional wisdom in the supply sectors. Fortunately, today we are seeing a major business philosophical shift happening before our eyes. A new belief or model — a new paradigm — has become absolutely necessary. This paradigm is collaboration or partnering.

Publication date: 8/25/2014

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