Modine Mfg. Co.: Heat Pump Packaged SystemThe redesigned Airedale SchoolMate® water/ground-source heat pump packaged system offers efficiency, noise reduction, and a small footprint, providing great flexibility for school installations. It is offered in six capacities, from 24-60 MBtuh in two cabinet sizes. A key improvement of the SchoolMate is the use of Modine’s patented CF® microchannel evaporator coil which replaces a much larger coil traditionally used in these types of systems. Combined with a reduced refrigerant charge and airside pressure drop, this allows extra space to be opened up for multiple supplemental heat exchangers, such as a hot gas reheat coil, hot water coil, or electric heat elements — factory-installed in the SchoolMate unit. The result is a compact model that does not require a plenum for additional heat and requires reduced installation time. Other standard features include modulating ECMs; use of R-410A refrigerant; availability of combination energy recovery and economizer modules, permitting either heat recovery for outside air or fully modulating 100 percent economizer; maximized capability and efficiency with the Modine Controls System; front access to all components; decreased sound and power output; and modulating economizer damper for 100 percent free-cooling and fresh-air requirements.

Modine Mfg. Co.

eProduct 188

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