Pro Vac Sac Inc.: Stationary-Coil Cleaning SystemThe Magnetic Pro Vac Sac has been added to the company’s line of patented professional coil cleaning systems. The Magnetic Pro Vac Sac is designed to allow technicians to clean a wide variety of styles and sizes of commercial stationary coils. It works great for cleaning hard-to-service ice machine condensing coils but also works in other stationary coil applications such as hydronic heating coils, hanging heater units, and other stationary coil cleaning situations, the company said. The Magnetic Pro Vac Sac can be used for wet applications in conjunction with biodegradable cleaning solutions and allows coils to be cleaned thoroughly and properly with high-pressured nitrogen, CO2, or compressed air without blowing dust and debris into the environment. It prevents contamination of the inhabited space by channeling all dust and debris through its chamber system into a wet/dry vacuum. This allows technicians to clean dirty coils during regular business hours without compromising IAQ or contaminating food and/or merchandise. When fully extended, it can fit up to 30-by-29-inch coils. All four sides are adjustable by overlapping the magnets and folding to allow it to fit smaller coil sizes and shapes.

Pro Vac Sac Inc.

eProduct 184 

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